Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Good morning,

It’s currently 1.00am in the UK and I cannot sleep at all! Possibly because I have an exam tomorrow and my brain can no longer function, or because it is so cold in my room with my broken heater (typical student accommodation). Either way I thought I would take this opportunity to update you all!

I found a few videos today (obviously while avoiding revision...) that I thought I would share with you. Firstly this clip came up on YouTube a few days ago, of a mash-up of some of Beyonce’s performances of End of Time and I just think the video is incredible!


(unfortunately technical difficulties won’t let me post the actual video in but i hope you find the link!) Her incredible dancing is well worth a look!

Secondly I am sure many of you have seen Rihanna’s video for We Found Love already but I really do think the video is so powerful that it has to be mentioned. It is definitely the song that has taken over my first term at University. Do any of you have songs that just take you back to a certain point of your life? That will forever remind you of a certain place, or time, or person?

Thirdly, in addition to the Beyonce video, this is also a slightly special one.

I recently purchased Kelly Clarkson’s new album and love some of the new tracks on it! This performance just highlights her exceptional voice and I am loving her fuller-figure. She really is one of the few female celebrities who really does ignore the press and simply cares about being happy and healthy! I really admire her for that.

So as you can see I have a very girly-style music taste also, which many of the boys at University laugh at me for!

I hope you enjoy some of these and are having a good week so far.

Love Miss B xxx

Saturday, 26 November 2011

£20 off Kurt Geiger with this months Elle magazine


So I casually wondered down to the closest supermarket this Saturday afternoon, with my £4 I had budgeted and set aside from my student account, in order to purchase this months copy of Elle magazine. While I realise it is nearly time for the next copy, I have to sacrifice a £1 chocolate bar each week before I feel like I can have it without feeling guilty.

However Elle have managed to completely throw me off course with my angel-like spending habits, by offering a £20 gift card for Kurt Geiger, alongside this month’s edition. Originally I ignored it, with the student initiative of “well I can’t afford anything their even with £20 off,” and “it must be alongside a £50 spend or something....” However after a rummage through the website (obviously when I should have been doing my accounting revision....) there are a few smaller items I could purchase such as make-up bags or jewellery for only a few pounds, and there is no minimum spend alongside the gift card. But then I spotted the most beautiful pair of shoes I could ever wish for....(except a pair of Christian Louboutin’s of course....)

The main reasons I love this shoe;

1) I could actually walk in them..,.they are not sky-high and seem to have a thick heel, which many shoe designers seem to forget is necessary when it comes to balancing!

2) They look like they are good enough quality for the glitter to actually stay on the shoe, therefore preventing the Christmas Fairy glitterati trial I often leave at parties.

3) With my £20 Elle gift voucher they are only £100. Therefore technically are more affordable than the usual £600 pairs I get drawn too.

Oh Elle why must you do this too me? I never would have searched if you had not offered me the discount. I would not be considering a month’s worth of starvation in order to purchase them. I would not dream about them for at least the next week.

Oh well....a girl must simply continue to dream until she finally finishes her degree....*sigh....*

Make sure you grab your own copy before the end of the month!

Love Miss B xxx

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Hello Everyone!
Well I am completely weighed down with coursework at the moment, but have finally managed to catch up with all of you in response to all your lovely comments! And I have taken the time out to write you another update...who wouldn’t prefer to catch up with you lovely people rather than write a report on IBM’s leadership strategy? Hmmm...
Last night I headed out to “Cheesy Tuesdays” which is basically a club night every week focused on music such as Britney Spears (the old songs!), Backstreet Boys, N*sync, Aqua, The Spice Girls...and even one or two Christmas songs! Do you think its slightly too early for Christmas songs or are you all far too excited about it? Despite the music being from when I was growing up throughout the 90’s, it still happens to be one of the best nights out at University!
So this was the blouse I purchased last week to add to my “going out” collection. It was £20.00 from H&M and is perfect for either a night out with a black skirt, or a pair of jeans for going out for drinks! Paired once again with my £20 New look shoes...(I think these may deserve their own post soon to explain the comfort factor!) and my gold “peacock” necklace which I bought in the Accessorize sale for £6.50 over the summer. Result...
The little black skirt here is only £3.99 from H&M and a necessity in any University girls wardrobe! It can literally be paired with anything and makes you feel gorgeous immediately! The bag is as previously stated, £12 in New Look currently in a range of different colours!
However while I love spending my time dressing up to go out I really must carry on with my work! Keep smiling lovelies and I will respond to all your comments as soon as possible!
Love Miss B xxx

Monday, 21 November 2011

Geek Night!

Hello my lovely readers!
I do apologise for my silence over the weekend! I travelled home for a little bit of a break from all of my studying and was quite far away from a computer, and therefore have been very behind in responding to all your lovely comments! I was very shocked to open my new email address for this page to find 25 messages informing me of new comments on Monday morning and 10 new followers! It was so brilliant to read everyone's "awwww's" towards Mutley, and to hear from all of the Twilight fans out there!

 All I can say is thank you very much for all of your opinions, support and comments, and I promise I will respond to each and everyone of you as soon as possible! I cannot believe just how quickly this little page is growing!

I shall have a new outfit post tomorrow, with a H&M top I brought this weekend…but seen as it is currently 1.00am, and I have a lecture at 9.00am, I shall leave you with an entertaining photograph of myself getting ready for “Geek Night” at the Business Society Social the other night!
Love to you all
Miss B xxxx

Friday, 18 November 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1

Guess what I went to see today!? Oh yes! I’ve had tickets for months and eventually got to watch The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 1! I have been so excited about seeing this film which is probably incredibly sad!
But only because I am such a fan of the books. I hardly read…i know its terrible…but to be honest while studying for my degree the only books I read are on Organisational Behaviour or Economics and Accounting! However I agreed to start reading the first book over the summer…and somehow managed to read all four books within a week! I was addicted, and fell madly in love with Edward Cullen…(I am sure I am loosing many followers as I write this but its a risk I am willing to take…)
Obviously I do not believe that the films are as good as the books, however I still enjoy following the story on screen. I must say I thought the fourth film was brilliant. Many critics have said that it is too slow…which I agree with to an extent, but to be honest I think it needed to be to emphasise Bella and Edwards relationship, which has a greater atmosphere in the book.
What are your opinions? Am I an extremely sad fan? Do you agree? Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward? Let me know lovelies!

Thursday, 17 November 2011


The journey back is so worth it, when I get practically knocked over by a West Highland Terrier who is so excited that I’m home!
Bloggerworld, this is Mutley. My fifteen (can you believe it?) year old doggy. I have just come back home for the weekend, after being at University for two months and he won’t leave me alone! He is practically lying on top of my laptop as I write to you all!
We’ve had him for as long as I can remember and he literally is a member of the family! This is both of us in 1996 on my first day at School and him as a fluffy puppy!
Hope you all have as good of a weekend as I will at home!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Just the usual thing to wake up too in a student kitchen…

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Fresher’s Ball!

Hello my lovely readers!
Firstly I want to say thank you to you all for following my little part of the internet. I cannot believe that I already have nine lovely followers after only being online for a week. I am honoured :)
Secondly, we had our Fresher’s Ball last night which was a real success! The University really surprised me with a well-known UK band supporting, a large buffet, cookies and doughnuts, an orchestra and the reception decorated beautifully. It was also so lovely to see all of my housemates dressed up in cocktail dresses and suits!
I managed to get myself another dress at a discounted price, which I also used for a wedding the week before the ball. This red item is from Warehouse, within Debenhams (purchased on the same day as the previous black one!) and was in the sale for £45 down from £70. A bargain in itself, however I then got an extra 20% student discount taken off, and therefore purchased the dress for £36 in total! I’m getting good at this student shopping business! The black bag is also from New Look…currently around £12 I believe, and also now available in lots of other colours! Shoes are the same pair as last time…(I can walk miles in them so they will feature a lot!) £20.00 from New Look also.
I hope you like some of my pictures from the ball.
And one taken at the wedding…

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Had a lovely night out on Friday, so I thought I would share my outfit with you all. I’ve done very well living as a student and finding good sales on items on new clothes, despite going to to University extremely far away from any shops!
I found this little black dress in Debenhams, in their “Mela Loves London” range. I love all of the new ranges that shops within the UK are bringing into store, such as Rare or Ultimate Uttam. They have really beautiful dresses, and during the sales you can pick them all up for under £20.
I will apologise in advance for the scenery of the photographs! I am currently living in student halls, and have very limited space display clothes and show you outfits! Any way this black dress cost me only £15, down from £35 and has proven to be a perfect outfit for a night out with the girls. I love the gold detailing, and with a £20 pair of black “New Look” heels, I feel very confident in it. Add a pair of false eyelashes and some lipgloss and we are good to go!
However looking at this image now makes me realise how I need to get some sort of colour on my legs to get me through the winter months! Does anybody have any recommendations for adding a little bit of colour without looking orange?

Monday, 7 November 2011

I thought I would share this cartoon with you all today as it made me smile!
I hope many of you can relate with this situation, as I know for a fact that my boyfriend is starting to rebel against even letting me fall asleep any more!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Okay, to be perfectly honest I have now been at University for over six weeks. However to start to create an "online atmosphere" surrounding this Blog, I am going to start from the very beginning. There are already many stories and lessons throughout only my short time here, so from now on, everything is from the past.

So my first "student challenge" turned out to be, the unbelievable amount of stuff I have! I was warned so many times from teachers, family, students "Do not take too many things to University as you do not need it and it will not fit in your room." Well I kept that in mind and thought I was doing relatively well with my decision making;

 "No Emily you do not need to take six different flavours of moisturiser with you"...
"You can adapt to only having one teddy on your bed instead of twenty..."
"In exchange for one saucepan (which I obviously do not need...) I can fit in another pair of shoes."

See? Perfectly reasonable decision making. Well despite my efforts to minimise my suitcases I ended up in this situation...

I was actually quite proud of managing to fit all of it into a small car. However when we finally found my accommodation, and discovered four flights of stairs, my mother wasn't quite so impressed! I then managed to solve my first issue, of living on my own for the first time; I found some strong looking men to help me carry everything upstairs! Just what every girl needs!

Then the real challenge began; meeting the individuals I was going to be sharing a kitchen and living room with for the next year. After many stories about some rather strange people many friends have shared accommodation with, this was the most scariest part for myself. I discovered I was sharing a flat with only three boys. Panic fled across my mother's face at the prospect of leaving me with three teenage boys, all leaving home for the first time. The images of unwashed dishes, dirty boxers, takeaways, unclean bathrooms flashed through my head. And with no girls to gossip with? I had attended an all-girls school for the past six years, and despite the boyfriends throughout my teens, had hardly known any boys since I was Eleven!

I didn't know how I was going to cope with Freshers Week!

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Welcome to my little piece of the world wide web.
My name is Kelly, but for the purpose of this Blog I may be otherwise known as “Miss B” and I am a University Student from the UK. The purpose of this Blog is to share with you some tales from the life of a poor student, as well as discussing some of my passions such as fashion, beauty, music and the world of business. I am currently studying for a degree in Business Studies at the most exciting time (although not necessarily in a good way…) to be following and analysing the world’s economy. My ultimate goal however would to use my business knowledge within the beauty or fashion industry, an area where I feel I can express my secret creativity!
Therefore this Blog will cover elements of runways, make-up reviews, entrepreneurs, news articles, my wardrobe, as well as how to budget as a student, in areas of clothing, make-up and food. Especially food. You will soon start to learn just how much of a terrible cook I am and all of my disasters within the kitchen. But maybe we need to get to know each other a little bit better before I let too much slip…
Anyways I hope that you enjoy reading. Feel free to leave any comments as I would love to know your opinions and hope that you will enjoy following me.


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