Saturday, 26 November 2011

£20 off Kurt Geiger with this months Elle magazine

So I casually wondered down to the closest supermarket this Saturday afternoon, with my £4 I had budgeted and set aside from my student account, in order to purchase this months copy of Elle magazine. While I realise it is nearly time for the next copy, I have to sacrifice a £1 chocolate bar each week before I feel like I can have it without feeling guilty.

However Elle have managed to completely throw me off course with my angel-like spending habits, by offering a £20 gift card for Kurt Geiger, alongside this month’s edition. Originally I ignored it, with the student initiative of “well I can’t afford anything their even with £20 off,” and “it must be alongside a £50 spend or something....” However after a rummage through the website (obviously when I should have been doing my accounting revision....) there are a few smaller items I could purchase such as make-up bags or jewellery for only a few pounds, and there is no minimum spend alongside the gift card. But then I spotted the most beautiful pair of shoes I could ever wish for....(except a pair of Christian Louboutin’s of course....)

The main reasons I love this shoe;

1) I could actually walk in them..,.they are not sky-high and seem to have a thick heel, which many shoe designers seem to forget is necessary when it comes to balancing!

2) They look like they are good enough quality for the glitter to actually stay on the shoe, therefore preventing the Christmas Fairy glitterati trial I often leave at parties.

3) With my £20 Elle gift voucher they are only £100. Therefore technically are more affordable than the usual £600 pairs I get drawn too.

Oh Elle why must you do this too me? I never would have searched if you had not offered me the discount. I would not be considering a month’s worth of starvation in order to purchase them. I would not dream about them for at least the next week.

Oh well....a girl must simply continue to dream until she finally finishes her degree....*sigh....*

Make sure you grab your own copy before the end of the month!

Love Miss B xxx


  1. I love this shoe...

    On my list of wants..



  2. Those shoes look amazing!! I also love shoes that have a thicker heel. It is hard to find sometimes, but makes walking oh so much easier.

  3. awesome purchase girl :)

    <3 I looove glitters tooo

  4. I don't remember the last time I read Elle! I personally like Marie Claire. I'll have to pick up Elle one day!!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  5. those shoes are gorgeous!

  6. The shoes are amazing! Go for it!

    Plus, it's xmas, the time for treats!

  7. I love how you have a list of pros!! heheheee
    the shoes are hot!!

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  9. Thank you for your comment!
    Am LOVING those glittery high heels!
    I found one where I work at and its $40 and I'm thinking of getting it :)


  10. These shoes are to die for!

  11. Thank u so much for your nice comment! it really maked me so happy :)
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  13. Cool shoes!
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    love your blog :D <33

  15. Beautiful pics!

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  16. Well, I have to admit I bought an expensive pair of sparkly shoes. I don't regret it one bit.

  17. I love glitter and those shoes are perfect! I just bought a gold pair from steve madden, pretty affordable :) following you !


  18. aawwwww they are beautiful! Love a freebie...

    now following =)

  19. Thanks for the tip chica! And those sparkly beauties are a winner! x

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  22. Shoes are gorgeous <3
    Thank you for your visit and lovely comment, kisses :*


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