Wednesday, 18 April 2012

It’s my Birthdaaaaay!

Yes it’s true I am officially no longer a teenager! 20 years old has finally arrived, but I managed to celebrate in style with my favourite girls and a pretty amazing cake!
Hope you’re all having a lovely week

Thursday, 5 April 2012

I have a little habit whenever I go into town, of searching through the discount book stores for any fashion or beauty bibles. I have managed to gain quite a collection over the years, even from celebrities that I have never heard of, just because I like their design.
Today I picked up a book called “Style” by Lauren Conrad for only £2.00. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t that in touch with her entire career but I recognised the name and loved the style of the cover. However after having a quick look through, this is the first book of my collection were I feel that I can really connect with her style, and I love her very classic look. It is very elegant but with classic shapes and simple colours – a look that I definitely find my own style portraying.
I find her beauty tips very interesting with some unique ones I haven’t heard before, as well as complete makeup looks to match her classic outfits.
I did a little bit of cyber-stalking after flicking through the book and found her own online blog which had a lot more style and beauty tips with a beautiful design.
So what do you think lovelies? Are you an admirer of Lauren’s style or do you prefer a different approach? Do you have any other recommendations of books I should keep a look out for?
Lots of Love
Miss B xxx
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