Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Today I went to the loveliest restaurant. It is a small unique chain in the UK called “Bills” with the majority of the restaurants located in larger cities. The decoration was beautiful and nothing like I have ever seen in an eatery before, so I had to share the photos with you. You are also able to purchase the ingredients from the dishes on site, as well as their cookbook that tells you how to create your own version of the meals.
2013-05-13 15.24.42
IMG_2355 (1)
2013-05-13 13.41.22
2013-05-13 13.49.08
2013-05-13 13.36.20
I had the “fish finger sandwich”…A staple in a student diet, but obviously this was the most upper-class version I had tasted! With home-made fish fingers and a beautiful tomato chutney spread across.
2013-05-13 14.21.04
For dessert I had the chocolate brownie, however one of the girls had donuts dipped in chocolate which was presented beautifully! They also had the option of fairy cakes homemade in the morning!
2013-05-13 15.02.362013-05-13 15.02.32
We had a really lovely meal to celebrate the end of our exams! Next year I plan on heading back to find out what the award-winning breakfast is like!
2013-05-13 15.22.36
Miss B xxx

Sunday, 26 May 2013

How cute is this little cupcake a guest brought in for me at work!?
2013-05-26 14.05.18
What a sweetheart!!!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

A long time has passed…

Hello my little corner of the internet.
It is true I have been away for a while. A whole year to be more precise. Thank you for continuing to follow my blog in my absence.
“” is in the process of a mini-makeover, so keep an eye on the design updates I put in place over the next few weeks. I have recently done a lot of research into how to create and maintain an attractive blog, and I hope to deliver a beautiful little space to you soon.
A lot has changed in my life over the past year. My skills in marketing, design and branding have developed the past year in my degree and my interest in fashion has certainly developed. I feel that I am now old enough to make this blog something really special. I would love to have you as part of my journey.
So what has happened in my life over the last year?
  • I have lost 33lbs in weight. This is the major change contributing to this blog. I have increased my confidence dramatically, have had to learn about dressing a new body shape, and my interest in fashion has developed dramatically.
  • I have completed my second year of University. After the wonderfully long Summer I started a few days ago, I will enter my final year with lots of new projects and subjects to explore.
  • I now work at a beautiful five star hotel, a job which I love.
  • I have met some truly amazing new people who continue to inspire me and make my life so lovely.
  • I unfortunately lost my beautiful little dog last June, who was mentioned in many previous posts. He was my best friend from the age of three years old, for seventeen years. But he will continue to be mentioned in my writing.
christmas 2010 205
  • I have moved house into a very cute English Cottage.
  • I have turned 21! Yes officially well away from my teenage years and I’m supposed to now act like an adult.

  • I have developed a love of photography, and therefore many beautiful images from other photographers will be highlighted throughout my posts.
So after my little update, I hope you pop back occasionally to see what I have in store. I have an amazing summer planned, with lots of shopping, visits abroad, nights in beautiful hotels and meals in unique restaurants. I will also start to write about my own experiences with weight loss and fitness inspiration.
Many of you were loyal followers to me in the past. Pop me a comment below to let me know how you are getting on.
Love to you all.
Miss B xxx

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