Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Beauty Advice

Ladies (and Gentleman of course…) I need your help. The evenings are getting darker, the waterproof is on and I am currently in full length pyjamas and fluffy socks. Whilst I am sure many of you enjoy the winter months, personally I find them a mess of pure beauty chaos! Radiator heat, sweaty walks up hills in layers of jumpers, rain frizzing my hair, and the chill across my nose! I am not a winter bug!
And therefore I need your advice as to your own personal favourite beauty products you hit the winter months with! I am at cosmetic war this month, and I need all the support and advice I can find! And who better to ask than the majority of you who all write your own beauty and fashion blogs?
Firstly I have extremely dry skin. I mainly use the Garnier moisture products including the cleanser and new moisture match moisturiser. All Student-friendly prices!

The new moisture match moisturiser has been fantastic since I started using it this summer. I love the thick consistency and it worked as a perfect base before my foundation, a must for those of us with dry skin. I seem to go through a tube every two weeks! However in the past two weeks it no longer seems to be enough and my foundation and concealer is becoming patchy and flaky! Add this to the windswept soggy hair look and I am officially getting the “yeti” look down to an art this year… . Therefore do any of you have a favourite moisturiser for very dry skin that you can recommend?
My hair is quite thin and attracts static! With straighteners or hair brushes or simply touching it I can look like this with one swoop!

I use John Frieda “Go Blonder” shampoo and conditioner to get natural blonde highlights without the price tag of the hairdresser! I don’t really want to change this, as my hair does go very dark within a few weeks of not using it! However as the radiators start turning on, I can genuinely watch strands of my hair start rising as I sit in the coffee shop! Do any of you have any favourite hair masks or treatments that may solve this problem or may simply help to condition over the winter months?

One of my favourites I have used in the past is the Aussie 3 minute miracle mask. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and smells so exotic! However I would love to try something different!
I cannot wait to hear some of your recommendations and I would really appreciate the help! I have asked about the two main products I need, but if there is anything else you use to prepare for winter I would love to hear about it!
Lots of Love
Miss B xxx

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Oh the tribute episode to Finn had me in floods of tears the morning! I’m terrible usually when a character dies in a TV series, let alone when it is based on real events. Knowing that the tears and songs were real, rather than acting made it so much worse. But the songs were beautiful.

It was hard to see the difference between Rachel and Lea during this song.

I thought this was done really beautifully. Had me crying in only the first three minutes of the episode!

What did any of you other glee followers think of the episode?

Love Miss B xxx

Thursday, 10 October 2013

My 21st

Those of you who are regular followers of my blog, will be well aware that my 21st birthday was actually a good six months ago. In contemplating this I have therefore realised that I only have six months left until I turn 22…which is my scary age. Trust me kids, one day you are categorised as a “mid-teen” and the next minute you are ticking the “mid-twenties box. Still with the same confusion and misdirection as the sixteen year old you knew, yet expected to make “grown-up decisions.” Something I am not very good at!
Anyways off topic. So yes, my birthday was rather a long time ago, however I have not yet posted a proper description with glamorous photos as I usually do. Seen as my 21st was truly the most special birthday I have ever, and probably will ever have, it only seems appropriate to show off a little!
My Birthday lasted a whole week, with one of my best friends flying in from abroad on the Monday morning with celebrations not beginning until Saturday. My excitement first kicked off after a long work shift, when I arrived home in the early hours of the morning to find the living room partially decorated by my lovely mum, who was tucked up asleep upstairs. I found balloons, champagne, flowers and fairy lights all lit as I walked through the door. It was the best return home from work a girl could have asked for!
2013-04-11 23.21.26
The following morning, my now wide awake mum, said she had another surprise for me and mysteriously drove me to a little cottage the other side of town. We knocked on the door and I was introduced to a lovely lady called Jennie, whilst still extremely confused over who this lady was and why I was at her house. Walking into the kitchen, it was a maze of rolling pins, cake tins, icing sugar and boxes. It soon became clear to me that this lady had made me a cake! However the cake that was revealed was nothing like I was expecting. This really was the most special part of my birthday! Isn’t it beautiful!?!
I spent ages looking for the perfect dress for my 21st. I just felt like it was a really big deal and better than my 18th as this was going to be the last special birthday until i turned 30. Which I probably won’t really want to celebrate! Therefore the dress had to be different, and not something I would wear on a usual night out. After three months of looking I had given up hope, simply finding dull, dark on trend winter dresses in all of the high streets and webpages. However in my final shop after a miserable Sunday afternoon of giving up hope, I had finally found it! Tucked away on the sales rack in UK store Republic (which is now USC for those English girls…) and only £30.00 down from £75.00.
2013-04-04 17.44.17
It was sparkly, one of a kind and looked amazing with heels. I felt wonderful in it! Following the initial amazing surprises, I had a group of my favourite girls come around for champagne, followed by a meal out at a restaurant and then a night out in the clubs. It was a magical week and I was completely spoilt and so grateful for it!
2013-04-13 20.56.15

Have you ever had a birthday that was truly magical?! Let me know I’d love to hear about it!
Lots of Love
Miss B xxx

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Feeling Inspired

After a rather beautiful October weekend, where I was lucky enough to be able to wonder around in a shoulder-less blouse, Winter has officially arrived this morning in the UK. This is the first morning it is dark, cold and a little bit rainy with a true Winter vibe in the air.
I am a real fan of Summer, possibly because we rarely get proper sun over in England! With the arrival of winter it unfortunately means I need to revert back into Student life, pack away my sunblock and maxi dresses, save all of the money I earned whilst working at home, and start to really put my head down for my final year at University. As I am writing this I have a textbook entitled “Crafting and Executing Strategy”, wide open and being ignored, whilst I sip tea and chat to you all instead. Therefore to get me motivated for this long day of studying I thought I would share some inspiring posts with you all.
I hope you all have a wonderful (and possibly Sunny if you are not in the UK!) day!
Love Miss B xxx

(All Images and routes can be found on my tumblr page; http://kelz002.tumblr.com/)

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Malmaison London

This weekend I was lucky enough to stay in the Malmaison Hotel in London. A five star chain in the UK. I have connections that enabled us to do so at a lower rate and it really was magical! The boyfriend and I were upgraded to a Superior Suite and also were treated to two free cocktails with our dinner!
2013-06-02 17.16.25
2013-06-02 17.26.34
The Hotel had Egyptian cotton sheets, a fully staked mini bar, a deep bath and a chez long! However I personally was more than happy with the complimentary slippers I was given! I spent most of the stay wondering around the room in them, with the extra two inches of padding flapping off the back of my size five feet! “One size fits all” indeed…
2013-06-02 17.24.092013-06-02 17.24.40
(See if you can spot the boyfriend…)
2013-06-02 19.10.482013-06-02 19.12.41
Downstairs was a beautifully decorated entrance area and the restaurant and bar tucked away in the basement! All quite dark for my personal taste in decoration, but it gave the building a mysterious feeling to it!
2013-06-02 19.53.322013-06-03 09.29.51 HDR
2013-10-08 00.33.06
And of course I enjoyed my usual Cosmopolitan….but with a five star twist ;)
I really could get used to living like this! Beautiful Hotels, Five Star meals! May be a few years away for now, but the idea of Graduating next year has me all excited about getting away from poor student life!
Love Miss B xxx
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