Sunday, 6 November 2011

Okay, to be perfectly honest I have now been at University for over six weeks. However to start to create an "online atmosphere" surrounding this Blog, I am going to start from the very beginning. There are already many stories and lessons throughout only my short time here, so from now on, everything is from the past.

So my first "student challenge" turned out to be, the unbelievable amount of stuff I have! I was warned so many times from teachers, family, students "Do not take too many things to University as you do not need it and it will not fit in your room." Well I kept that in mind and thought I was doing relatively well with my decision making;

 "No Emily you do not need to take six different flavours of moisturiser with you"...
"You can adapt to only having one teddy on your bed instead of twenty..."
"In exchange for one saucepan (which I obviously do not need...) I can fit in another pair of shoes."

See? Perfectly reasonable decision making. Well despite my efforts to minimise my suitcases I ended up in this situation...

I was actually quite proud of managing to fit all of it into a small car. However when we finally found my accommodation, and discovered four flights of stairs, my mother wasn't quite so impressed! I then managed to solve my first issue, of living on my own for the first time; I found some strong looking men to help me carry everything upstairs! Just what every girl needs!

Then the real challenge began; meeting the individuals I was going to be sharing a kitchen and living room with for the next year. After many stories about some rather strange people many friends have shared accommodation with, this was the most scariest part for myself. I discovered I was sharing a flat with only three boys. Panic fled across my mother's face at the prospect of leaving me with three teenage boys, all leaving home for the first time. The images of unwashed dishes, dirty boxers, takeaways, unclean bathrooms flashed through my head. And with no girls to gossip with? I had attended an all-girls school for the past six years, and despite the boyfriends throughout my teens, had hardly known any boys since I was Eleven!

I didn't know how I was going to cope with Freshers Week!


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