Saturday, 1 February 2014

Topshop Make-up Haul – Nail Polish

So in the midst of procrastination I had a little snoop through online shopping. I am currently spending every daylight minute working on my undergraduate dissertation and numerous amounts of group work projects. All I can say is that final year is really really hard! However eight more weeks of term, a couple of exams and in July I will hopefully be wearing that sparkling (theoretically) graduation hat!
For one of my projects on Strategic Management, we are focusing on the competitive strategy of John Lewis. For those of my international readers, John Lewis is one of the largest department stores within the UK which sells a variety of high-quality brands. Whilst researching through the company reports this somehow turned into me spending a large amount of money on the John Lewis Beauty website. That counts as research right?
So I thought I would share my “little” collection of beauty buys. I had £30.00 worth of vouchers for John Lewis from my 21st Birthday, so I decided to try to get as many things as possible for this amount rather than one more expensive product. I wasn’t aware that John Lewis stocked the Topshop Beauty collection, a range which I have heard many positive things about across the Blogosphere and YouTubers including FleurdeForce and Zoella. My total cost came to £60.00, including £30.00 worth of vouchers, so I was very proud of my relatively cheap beauty pick-me-up to knock down my mid-term blues!
Edited Nail 1
I have an unusual confession to make in the UK fashion world, but I am not the biggest fan of Topshop in general. Due to being a student I have tried to stay away from the stores due to the more pricier clothing ranges they offer. Also my fashion style is how I would like to describe as “classic” with black and white palettes, diamonds and red lipsticks. Topshop collections including space leggings and t-shirts with cats across them are rather out of my comfort zone, although very well pulled off by my housemate! However so far I have been very impressed by the make-up items I purchased.
When my little parcel arrived I was so excited! The first thing I wanted to try out was the nail polish colours as I had heard how well they apply and do not chip. I bought one matt pink colour called “Daydream” and two monochrome colours called “Beam” and “Crystal Clouds”.
Edited Nail 2
Edited Nail 3
I have been wearing the pink monochrome “Beam” for the past three days and I love the gorgeous shine. So far no chips, which is impressive compared to the other nail colours I have tried recently. I seem to have a problem with fairy liquid in the washing up bowl taking off my polish! But so far no problem in this department and I have had many comments about how pretty my nails look. I am really looking forward to wearing the matt pastel pink during the summer months with skirts and sandals on the beach! The monochrome colours were £6.00 each and the matt colour £5.00. More than I usually spend on the “Barry M” colours which I usually get two for £5.00 but because they haven’t budged I believe the extra cost is worth the difference.
Edited Nail 4
That is all you are getting from me today! I am going to upload each day this week with a review on each of the product in my box of goodies. That way I have tested the product during the day and it will also get me into the routine of blogging and this will hopefully continue as I spend most evenings drinking tea and watching telly after a long day of studying! So I will enjoy updating you all a little bit more.
Lots of Love
Miss B xxx


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