Sunday, 2 February 2014

Topshop make-up haul – Blush & Eyeshadow

The next product I purchased was the cream blush in the colour “Flush”. I am a relatively new girl to experimenting with blusher. When I worked at The Body Shop I always wore their “Baked Blush 01” as it blended into a gold shimmer. However this was more of an accidental find as we were allowed to use the make-up stand to try different colours on ourselves so we could tell customers our true opinion. Once I stopped working there, I never really bothered with blush again. Until I discovered the Beauty YouTubers and they made me realised what I was missing out on. I purchased the “Sleek Rose Gold” blush last week due to its rave reviews, and this Topshop colour is now only the third in my collection.

Edited Blush 3
Due to my lack of experience in the blush department, I will admit I panicked when i first opened the packaging. It seemed a lot brighter than what had been advertised online and images of bright pink clown cheeks appeared in my mind. I also have never used a cream blush before, always preferring a powder finish due to my very dry skin. I don’t really need anything else that could become “caked” on top of my moisturiser, primer and foundation.
Edited Blush 4
However once applied to the skin the original “wow” colour faded and it became a beautiful tinted finish. I think I will probably wear this one in the summer due to the gold hints in it, it reminds me of beaches and suntans! In the winter I am looking for more of a “just walked in from the cold flush”! This one reminds me very much of the sleek one I originally purchased. My blusher hunt will continue…!
With my next product I also took a risk, as I have never purchased eye shadow online. I much prefer to try the testers in store to test the pigment, build up and general feel of the product. However because I had heard such good things about the range and this product had an online five-star customer rating I followed through.
Edited Eyeshadow 1
Edited Eyeshadow 2

I just want to add at this stage just how much I love the Topshop packaging. The design is so feminine and exciting to open up. The little dots on top of the polishes and palettes add up to the smallest details but make a real difference. Everyone I know comments on it.
I had two eye shadow palettes to choose from on the John Lewis website, one which created a more smokey eye look with darker blues and greys, and this one called “Orion.” I have a number of smokey eye palettes and am trying to experiment with deeper colours in the winter as I have never been very confident with darker eye shadow. For this reason the two lighter colours in this were perfect for me and the gorgeous red/burgundy colour allowed me to add the deeper side with a blending brush if I wished. Something that has been recommended to me due to my blue eyes and brown hair.
Edited Eyeshadow 3
Edited Eyeshadow 4
I adore these shades and the pigment and build up of them were perfect. I have yet to wear them for a long time during the day to test their staying-power, however I plan on uploading a “Topshop make-up Look” with them once I have had a bit more of a play. But so far I am very impressed.
Hope you all have a wonderful day.
Miss B xxx


  1. These products look very pretty.
    Might have to venture more into Topshop make up, so far I own one lipstick in Macaroon and I love it (:

    Xx Anne

  2. Oh pretty products. I am sure the blush will look great on you. It will give you a nice flush. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts. Stay in touch.


  3. I like your blog, would you like to follow each other via GFC? :) If so, please let me know and I'll follow back immediately ;) I'm waiting for you on my blog! :)

  4. I would really love to try that blush out :) It has such a beautiful color!

  5. Hi lovely,
    I totally love these pictures!!Very inspirational
    do you want to follow each other on INSTAGRAM?

  6. Wow! I like it :D

  7. The packages are really pretty! Great buys.

    Tamara's Blend.

  8. amazing products!
    kiss kiss



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