Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Beauty Advice

Ladies (and Gentleman of course…) I need your help. The evenings are getting darker, the waterproof is on and I am currently in full length pyjamas and fluffy socks. Whilst I am sure many of you enjoy the winter months, personally I find them a mess of pure beauty chaos! Radiator heat, sweaty walks up hills in layers of jumpers, rain frizzing my hair, and the chill across my nose! I am not a winter bug!
And therefore I need your advice as to your own personal favourite beauty products you hit the winter months with! I am at cosmetic war this month, and I need all the support and advice I can find! And who better to ask than the majority of you who all write your own beauty and fashion blogs?
Firstly I have extremely dry skin. I mainly use the Garnier moisture products including the cleanser and new moisture match moisturiser. All Student-friendly prices!

The new moisture match moisturiser has been fantastic since I started using it this summer. I love the thick consistency and it worked as a perfect base before my foundation, a must for those of us with dry skin. I seem to go through a tube every two weeks! However in the past two weeks it no longer seems to be enough and my foundation and concealer is becoming patchy and flaky! Add this to the windswept soggy hair look and I am officially getting the “yeti” look down to an art this year… . Therefore do any of you have a favourite moisturiser for very dry skin that you can recommend?
My hair is quite thin and attracts static! With straighteners or hair brushes or simply touching it I can look like this with one swoop!

I use John Frieda “Go Blonder” shampoo and conditioner to get natural blonde highlights without the price tag of the hairdresser! I don’t really want to change this, as my hair does go very dark within a few weeks of not using it! However as the radiators start turning on, I can genuinely watch strands of my hair start rising as I sit in the coffee shop! Do any of you have any favourite hair masks or treatments that may solve this problem or may simply help to condition over the winter months?

One of my favourites I have used in the past is the Aussie 3 minute miracle mask. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and smells so exotic! However I would love to try something different!
I cannot wait to hear some of your recommendations and I would really appreciate the help! I have asked about the two main products I need, but if there is anything else you use to prepare for winter I would love to hear about it!
Lots of Love
Miss B xxx


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  2. sheer blonde I had and used the amazing results:) kisses:*)

  3. Interesting products!!
    Thanks for the comment!! Hat about following each other on GFC, FB and Bloglovin?
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  4. I must buy something from John Frieda to get blonde highlights! :)
    Kisses, Mrs Vain

  5. Winter is always a "nightmare" for me too, I really don't like it, sadly.
    I would love to help you, but my skin is oily and my hair stays the same all day long, so I really don't know any good product.
    -xo, Milene from stylingjeans.blogspot.com

  6. Great post. I usually moisturize more on winter because my skin tends to try. I like Clinique moisturizers. For shampoo, i am low maintenance. I just used suave and moroccan oil. Hope this helps you a bit.


  7. Some great products, the aussie range is very good!
    Laura. xx


  8. I wish I could help you, but I don't use any products more appropriate for Fall, i don't think about that :)
    But I do love Aussie products.


  9. very helpful advices honey, super interesting post!



  10. great products!
    kiss kiss


  11. Great beauty trends! Thanks for the post!

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  13. I heard so many good reviews about the aussie products :) i think i'll have to try them :)

  14. Anything with Vitamin E is AUH-MAZING for the skin during the winter. I personally use Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Skin Care Cream for especially my face, hands, and feet. For my body I use Neutrogena Body Oil. It's a light Sesame seed oil that best used after the shower once your pores are open. And the fabulous thing about it is that it doesn't leave a thick or oily residue. Good luck hun! Let me know if you try either :)

    Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Skin Care Cream

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