Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Feeling Inspired

After a rather beautiful October weekend, where I was lucky enough to be able to wonder around in a shoulder-less blouse, Winter has officially arrived this morning in the UK. This is the first morning it is dark, cold and a little bit rainy with a true Winter vibe in the air.
I am a real fan of Summer, possibly because we rarely get proper sun over in England! With the arrival of winter it unfortunately means I need to revert back into Student life, pack away my sunblock and maxi dresses, save all of the money I earned whilst working at home, and start to really put my head down for my final year at University. As I am writing this I have a textbook entitled “Crafting and Executing Strategy”, wide open and being ignored, whilst I sip tea and chat to you all instead. Therefore to get me motivated for this long day of studying I thought I would share some inspiring posts with you all.
I hope you all have a wonderful (and possibly Sunny if you are not in the UK!) day!
Love Miss B xxx

(All Images and routes can be found on my tumblr page;


  1. amazing pics, so inspired!
    kiss kiss

  2. Amazing pics and truly inspiring also belated happy 21st. The party look like a lot of fun. You look pretty and that cake is amaze balls. Thank you for the visit in my blog and for the sweet thoughts.



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