Monday, 12 March 2012

I am a bad blogger…

Yes I will hold my hands up high and admit it with a sorrowful look on my face. If I am perfectly honest I lived in a little dream world at the start of this term…spending hours scrolling through ELLE magazine, adding numerous outfits to my imaginary online Topshop basket, and rearranging my skincare routine. Now however I have to pay the price for all my laziness. By the 30th of march I have to complete…*drum roll please…*
- Two 20 minute presentations
- One 1000 word book review
- One 3000 word Marketing report
- One 2000 word Tourism report
- One three hour Economics exam
- One two hour Leadership Exam
So this explains my absence, as while I have been a failure online, I have been relatively pleased with my productivity at University! But none of you care about my excuses as you all have busy lives also so this should not matter. What does matter is that the reason I have been avoiding blogging is due to my rather large inbox (currently at 87 unread mails) from all of your lovely comments that I have to reply too. I always tried to reply to all of my inbox before putting up a new post…which has resulted in me having no time to actually pass my degree and me developing a fear for Yahoo mail. So instead I will regularly post and make a sacred promise to you all to eventually reply to every single comment in my inbox.
I promise you all no comment will remain unanswered!
Thank you for being so loyal in this time and please come back tomorrow for new posts from Miss B that will be of the quality that you deserve.
For now I will leave you with a video that always inspires me to do everything I ever dreamed of in life. It shows how important it is to take time away and see the world and keep smiling. On top of that the name of the song, is very good to represent my come back!
Miss B is still here!
Love to you all xxx


  1. You have such a fabulous blog! I am so glad I found it!



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