Sunday, 4 December 2011

Today I had what I call a “refreshing” day. I have had a pretty horrible week...three assignments due in, one exam, and chaos with friends regarding housing, meaning I currently have no where to live next year! I had given up as of last night, and decided i needed to spend today on some pampering and “me” time.
I refused to get out of bed until 11am, spent an hour with my hair in curlers, did all of my make up, tied my room to perfection, and then decided to head into town for some (budgeted) retail therapy. I spent two hours in H&M, simply trying on as many items as I could and then thought I would share some of them with you all.
So this is my outfit that I arrived in originally into the changing room! Since I’ve been at University I have turned into a very sensible girl in regards to clever footwear, and warm jackets! Jeans are high-waist from Miss Selfridge at £40.00 and honestly the best pair of jeans I have ever owned. They fit in all the right places, and I could never go back to wearing low-cut jeans anymore. The jacket was bought from h&m last week for £30.00, although two of the buttons have since come off which I’m not very happy about! Boots are £35.00 from New Look and extremely comfortable!
First two items....very similar in colours, but I felt they didn’t suit my shape at all. Made me look larger than I actually am, and showed every bump on my jeans, so these were a definite no. I keep trying to move away from the dark colours that fill my wardrobe but every time I do, I don’t feel like they are slimming!
LEFT; I have tried this strappy top (£9.99) on a number of times, because I love the saying on the front; HIGH HEELS, HIGH HOPES. However I do not usually just wear strappy tops alone so threw the jacket over and liked how it worked well…although not bright, it is not black!
RIGHT; I picked up this dress in the wrong size because it was only £5.00 in the sale so thought I would try it anyways. It was nice...until I discovered the zip was also broken which was a shame.
These two dresses I purchased. Although once again in darker colours! The one on the left (£19.99) I felt suited my body shape really well, however I am very self-conscious about my arms so have to decide how I am going to dress this up! The one on the right solved this problem and will look great with a pair of boots…only £12.99!
Same jumper in different colours. This one surprised me actually because I tend to stay away from high-neck items due to the way it looks if you have boobs, however it seemed to fit pretty well. Deciding between the two was difficult because of the brilliant price of only £14.99 but I eventually bought the white one. Looks a little bit christmassy also!
So I came away with four nice pieces...two blue dresses, a white jumper and a white strappy top. Still no colour though! This must be my new mission for 2012!
Love to you all xxx


  1. Hi my dear!!!!
    Thank you so much for the comment on my blog and for following my blog!!! Thanks....thanks....thanks....thanks!!!

    Now I am also following you!!! :)

    I hope you continue visiting me....I have just published some photos of Anna dello Russo and I,togheter.... Amazing!!!!


  2. So I definitely gravitate toward black every time I go shopping do I know where you are coming from.

    I am following you now, would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

  3. great choices! if you want bright colors why don't you just wear accessories with color that way you can keep wearing your neutrals you feel best in? like bright necklaces, earrings, purses, scarves, belts?

  4. I hope you had a great day. I love the black dress.
    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I will come back, I hope you do the same.

  5. amazing dresses !! ;D
    thanks for your lovely comment!

  6. You look great in that blue dress:)

    Fashion Cat

  7. greetings from Turkey


  8. Oh my, I could never try on so many things. I get bored hahaha.
    Love the black dress.

    A BIG KISSES!!!!

  10. The last two dresses look so amazing on you!!!!

  11. Oh no...sorry about your bad week, I hope things improve. I like your blazer in the first pic and the navy blue dress looks fab on you.

  12. love blazers!

    xo Dia

  13. Hope you have a better week ahead :)

    Great post! I could spend hours at H&M too if only I had time!!

  14. Hai, thx for folowing my blog. And i'm done folowing back your blog too.

    Okay, keep blogging with fun and more creativity.

  15. they all look great on you...... i absolutely love the purple dress the best though. :)

  16. haha I used to wear a lot of low cut jeans but uhm ya as I got older now I don't really wear them anymore for obvious reasons lol... love your outfits in these pictures you are adorable!

    and followed you now too :D

  17. Hi Miss. B..

    I think this is a cool idea...

    Nice post



  18. wish you to have some nicer weeks!

    and really, the pieces you bought - they look just great on you :)


  19. Very nice outfits!!!! :)

  20. I like blue dress , you look great.


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